Waffles - It’s What’s for Breakfast!

For kids struggling with hunger, a bowl of cereal may be the most they expect from breakfast. Enter sweetFrog! We had a surplus of Belgian waffles available, and rather than feeding them all to Scoop and Cookie, we decided to donate them to Feeding America Southwest Virginia. By donating over 80 cases of waffles to the food bank, we were able to put solid meals in hungry children’s tummies and give them a bright start to their days. We’re in the business of putting smiles on kids’ faces, and that starts with making sure they have enough to eat!

About sweetFrog®

sweetFrog, one of the country’s top frozen yogurt concepts, prides itself on providing a family-friendly environment where customers can enjoy premium frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato and sorbets with the toppings of their choice. There are approximately 300 sweetFrog locations in over 25 states and the Dominican Republic. In 2018, sweetFrog was acquired by MTY Franchising USA, Inc., a member of one of the fastest growing franchising conglomerates in the world. Between it and its subsidiaries, it has a portfolio of nearly 29 fast-casual and quick-service restaurant brands with approximately 3000 locations in roughly 35 countries.

For more information about sweetFrog, please visit: www.sweetFrog.com