Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the sweetFrog loyalty program?

    The sweetFrog loyalty program is a rewards club that allows you to earn your way towards free froyo!

  • Hopping to the facts:

    10 visits* = One FREE 12 oz. cup (up to $5 value)
        *Visits have no expiration
        *Free 12 oz. cup expires 30 days after your 10th visit
    You’ll also receive a sweet gift on your birthday and many other exclusive rewards and discounts throughout the year.

  • How can I participate in the program?

    There are two ways to enjoy all the benefits:
    In-store: Simply enter your phone number on the sweetFrog loyalty touchscreen kiosk every time you make a purchase to earn a visit toward your next reward. To enjoy our best rewards, including a free cup of froyo on your birthday, you’ll want to complete your registration online.
    Online: Sign up at gain access to our best rewards, personalized offers, and much more!

  • How do I check how many times I’ve visited?

    Log in to your member portal at If this is your first time logging in, you’ll be prompted to finish filling in your profile. Once your profile is complete, you’ll be able to check your number of visits, any rewards you have and edit your profile!

  • Can I use multiple rewards at the same time?

    No, you can only use one reward at a time, but you can accumulate multiple rewards for later use.

  • Do visits and rewards expire?

    The FREE 12oz for 10 visits expires 30 days after your 10th visit. The Birthday Reward expires 7 days after you receive it. Most rewards expire within 3 days.

  • How often can I earn visits based on purchases?

    A visit is defined as one minimum purchase of $3 per cup, per 4 hours, per customer. After you’ve gained 10 visits, you’ll earn a FREE 12oz cup (up to a $5 value.) You also earn visits when redeeming your rewards, so make sure to enter your phone number into the loyalty kiosk in-store every time you visit!

  • Can I earn rewards on fundraising, catering, events, or school lunches?

    No, the following items do not qualify for reward visits: sales tax, team member discounts, the value of discounts or promotions, catering, events, and school lunch programs.

  • Will you be contacting me after I enter my phone number?

    You will be given the option to opt-in for text marketing and/or email marketing messages. We will never contact you without your permission. We also don’t spam you. You only get the good stuff: freebies, offers, and exciting news!

  • Why are you asking for my mobile number?

    Your phone number will be used to track your rewards and visits. You will be given the option to opt-in for text marketing messages, where you’ll gain exclusive offers and discounts throughout the year! If you prefer, you are more than welcome to enter your home phone or work number. Just make sure to enter the same number each time you make a purchase in order to earn the most visits and rewards! Reply STOP anytime to unsubscribe to SMS text messages or click UNSUBSCRIBE to stop email notifications. You can also visit and edit your communications preferences. If you choose to opt out of the text and email marketing messages you will not receive your birthday reward or any other rewards.

  • I'm not seeing my visits in my account, what do I do about it?

    Email and provide as much detail as possible about the purchase(s) that you did not earn a visit for. A receipt and/or proof of purchase will be required.

  • I want to change my settings, how do I do that?

    Sign into your sweetFrog loyalty account at and click on the “Edit” icon under the “My Profile” section. From there, you will be able to edit your account settings, see activated store offers, and edit notification preferences. Note: You will not be able to edit your Birthdate.

  • The touchscreen was down at the store, can I still get my visits?

    Simply email with your itemized receipt.